About Us

At Audiomedia Associates, our focus is on Broadcast & Pro Audio Systems and Equipment. Get in touch with us today. We  can assist you in planning an AM or FM transmitter facility upgrade, transition to IBOC Digital (HD Radio) operation, migration from an analog to a digital studio facility, and many other technical facets of the broadcast plant.  We are not "order takers" and we don't run a boiler room tele-sales operation.  We like to talk one-on-one about cost-efficient solutions and the best approach to your project or application.  Performance and reliability factor into the long term satisfaction with a product or system purchase.  You need to stay on the air to build audience and make money. We recognize that operating costs impact your bottom line and that high ticket capital purchases such as transmitters should be evaluated on merits other than lowest initial purchase price.  We have been in business since 1972, and have found that our quality product recommendations and systems solutions have rewarded us with long term client relationships and repeat business.  We must be doing something right.